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Skyence – INSCT

November 2, 2010

Just saw this sick video over at rubbishcorp and though I’ll try not to make a habit of just re-posting cool stuff that others saw first – i couldn’t resist. Great marriage of sound and visual:

“Collaboration between Skyence (Hamburg) and Johannes Timpernagel (Berlin).
Animation generated in VVVV, Editing in After Effects.”


Jekyll And Hyde Augmented Reality Book

October 26, 2010

An awesome augmented reality book to really bring the story to life. I love the way they’ve used the lamp as a camera:

Get Your Energy Back

October 19, 2010

Check out this slick projection mapping masterpiece for the Toyota Auris Hybrid – a car that ‘gets its energy back’ through some technical wizardry. Anyway – the team at Glue London put this together and the result is quite brilliant. I’ve still yet to see projection mapping in real life but if it’s even half as impressive as it appears on screen, then expect to see a lot more:

Tomorrow, In A Year – A Darwin Electro-Opera

July 28, 2010

I was at the Barbican last night to see ‘Tomorrow, In A Year’ – the new opera by Danish performance group Hotel Pro Forma in collaboration with Swedish electronic duo (and one of my favourite bands) The Knife.

Based on Charles Darwins’ ‘Origin of the Species’ it was pretty surreal to say the least. A combination of smoke, lasers, dance and operatic vocals set to a dark booming & glitchy soundtrack made for a pretty weird show, but one I’m definitely glad I saw.

Here’s a little taster of what to expect if you get the chance to see it:

More Data Visualization

July 16, 2010

This time from Grid/plane. Beautiful conceptual pieces for Google monitoring social media buzz:

An Idiots Guide to Data Visualization

July 7, 2010

I may qualify as an idiot in this field but I found this article about data visualization absolutely fascinating. I saw Jer Thorp at flash on the beach last year and his work is amazing (and the results are beautiful). Well worth a read if you’ve got a spare 10 mins – a good intro to the subject.

World Cup 2010 Twitter Replay

June 17, 2010

Some lovely data visualization using the twitter api to show activity surrounding each world cup game:

New Broken Screen Images

March 1, 2010

I made a few more broken broken screen inspired images. One of these days i’ll find something to do with them. In the mean time – they’re here:

Decode @ V&A

February 15, 2010

My valentines treat was a trip to the excellent decode exhibition at the V&A. If you’ve not been it’s definitely worth checking out (it’s on until april). For once I was able to walk around an exhibit and know more about it than the oldies who keep stopping in front of me.

These were some highlights:

Rock n’ Roll Swatch Chart

February 10, 2010

At the end of last year I put together various colour swatches of some of my favourite ablum covers. Not really knowing what to do with them, I’ve decided to make them into a set of limited prints. Here’s a little preview of them. I’ve hidden the names (bar the first two) but the first 16 people to guess a swatch will win a free print (uk post only – sorry). Good luck: