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QR Code Installation @ MRM London

October 29, 2010

The latest installation at MRM London headquarters reception is this wall of QR codes – each one dedicated to a different client and each one linking through to some work we’ve produced for them. A simple idea to implement but an great way of adding a bit of interaction to an otherwise flat space.

Get you iPhone QR Scanner here


Jekyll And Hyde Augmented Reality Book

October 26, 2010

An awesome augmented reality book to really bring the story to life. I love the way they’ve used the lamp as a camera:

Internet Week

October 15, 2010

This November will see the first Internet Week Europe. A five day event in London that looks to celebrate the best digital offerings in the industry. There’s a tonne of cool stuff going on from breakfast at Mother to a host of digital drop-in’s from industry experts. I’m personally looking forward to Metaphwoar on Tuesday night. You can find out more about it here:

The Wilderness Downtown – Interactive Music Video

September 1, 2010

You may remember a few years back, Arcade Fire’s interactive music video for Neon Bible. The one where a singing head and two hands move around and do different stuff when you click on them. Anyway, they’re back at it, this time using html 5 and Google Street View to wow you with their talent.

There’s something quite cool about the mucky resolution google pics sitting with polished sections of video & 3D, and it’s another step in the right direction for the progression of html5.

See what you think:

Pulse News Mini

August 3, 2010

I’ve just downloaded this great blog feed app on my iPhone called Pulse. It’s essentially a nicely designed rss & blog reader that you can customise to view feeds on your iPhone/iPad quickly and easily. Very simple but just what I’ve been after. Great stuff.

Are You Faster Than Google Chrome

July 27, 2010

Great interactive viral & innovative use of youtube from Google:

The Man Your Man Could Tweet Like

July 14, 2010

By now most of us I’m sure are aware of the brilliant new Old Spice campaign from W&K Portland (i’m on a horse? swan dive?). Well, they’ve brought the fight online by posting video responses to fans tweets. Executed in typically suave Isaiah Mustafa fashion, they are brilliantly written and great to watch. Follow them on twitter or check out their youtube channel.

Here are my favorites:

History Pin

June 30, 2010

I just stumbled upon this the other day. A great way to collaborate all sorts of old photos and stories from various locations across the globe using the google maps api. Some of the photos also mach up to the street view images which is cool. I do hope it takes off as the value of this relies heavily on content (sadly only two pics of the Isle of Wight).


The Most Awesomest Thing Ever…

April 21, 2010

…must be this site:

Ed Hamilton – Copywriter

March 10, 2010

Another one of those simple but brilliant ‘I wish I’d thought of that’ ideas. London copywriter Ed Hamilton has published his CV online using google maps, and with over 10,000 views already it certainly seems to do the trick:

Jealous? You’re damn right I am.