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Skyence – INSCT

November 2, 2010

Just saw this sick video over at rubbishcorp and though I’ll try not to make a habit of just re-posting cool stuff that others saw first – i couldn’t resist. Great marriage of sound and visual:

“Collaboration between Skyence (Hamburg) and Johannes Timpernagel (Berlin).
Animation generated in VVVV, Editing in After Effects.”


The Wilderness Downtown – Interactive Music Video

September 1, 2010

You may remember a few years back, Arcade Fire’s interactive music video for Neon Bible. The one where a singing head and two hands move around and do different stuff when you click on them. Anyway, they’re back at it, this time using html 5 and Google Street View to wow you with their talent.

There’s something quite cool about the mucky resolution google pics sitting with polished sections of video & 3D, and it’s another step in the right direction for the progression of html5.

See what you think:

Tomorrow, In A Year – A Darwin Electro-Opera

July 28, 2010

I was at the Barbican last night to see ‘Tomorrow, In A Year’ – the new opera by Danish performance group Hotel Pro Forma in collaboration with Swedish electronic duo (and one of my favourite bands) The Knife.

Based on Charles Darwins’ ‘Origin of the Species’ it was pretty surreal to say the least. A combination of smoke, lasers, dance and operatic vocals set to a dark booming & glitchy soundtrack made for a pretty weird show, but one I’m definitely glad I saw.

Here’s a little taster of what to expect if you get the chance to see it:

When I Grow Up

June 8, 2010

I’ve been pretty bad at posting of late – there’s just too much good stuff about that i haven’t got round to it. Excuses aside though, I thought I’d get back into the habit by kicking off with this video for Swedish electronic act Fever Ray ( solo effort from Karin Dreijer Andersson of The Knife).

Directed by Martin de Thurrah, it’s beautifully atmospheric, spooky and strangely calming: