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QR Code Installation @ MRM London

October 29, 2010

The latest installation at MRM London headquarters reception is this wall of QR codes – each one dedicated to a different client and each one linking through to some work we’ve produced for them. A simple idea to implement but an great way of adding a bit of interaction to an otherwise flat space.

Get you iPhone QR Scanner here


An Idiots Guide to Data Visualization

July 7, 2010

I may qualify as an idiot in this field but I found this article about data visualization absolutely fascinating. I saw Jer Thorp at flash on the beach last year and his work is amazing (and the results are beautiful). Well worth a read if you’ve got a spare 10 mins – a good intro to the subject.

Slurp Digital Eyedropper Tool

July 6, 2010

A very interesting tool for transferring data from networked computers – more info here

html 5

January 31, 2010

Html 5 seems to be another hot topic at the moment. Youtube are already testing it on their site, and with the iPhone and other android based phones choosing its model over Flash, it’s difficult to ignore the fact that this could seriously shake up the digital industry, with rumors of it replacing Flash altogether.

Personally, I think the speculation may be a little dramatic, as I’m pretty sure Adobe will upgrade their flash model before surrendering completely their program that has significantly shaped the web as we know it.

I’ll reserve judgment however and leave you with this rather nice (we feel fine, anyone?) html5 experiment – 100 Tweets


January 28, 2010

So today’s hot topic is no doubt Apples new iPad. Launched yesterday to much anticipation, it lies somewhere between an iPhone and a laptop.

At a glance it certainly looks the part, and credit where credit’s due – the interface – in true Apple style is faultless (though not much more than an extension of the already brilliant iPhone).

My problem with it doesn’t lie in the product itself, but what it could have been. Personal computers have been crying out for touch screen technology, particularly from a design perspective. The idea of a slate/pad on to which I could run all my creative software that incorporated a touch screen/stylus dynamic would be incredible. Instead, what we have makes for a half impressive multi media device but by no means a bold step forward for the personal computer.

In short, if Apple had done to the laptop what they did with the mobile/ mp3 player – it’d really be game changing. But maybe I’m wrong. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what happens next.